What do you use your quad for?
Where do you ride your quad bike?

Aeons Crossland is also available in a 4x4 model that is powered by the same reliable liquid cooled four stroke engine as its two wheel drive brother. The 4X4 Crossland has seen Aeon engineers build a mid size ATV that will go places that many heaver and larger quads struggle to go. With increased grip through its four wheel drive that can switch back to two wheel drive by just simply flicking a button on the dash.
The smooth power that Aeon has built into the Crossland,s shaft driven 4x4 is designed to give maximum traction when tackling the slipperiest conditions or terrain that is rocky and steep.   

In Two wheel or four wheel mode the three speed CVT transmission is easily operated by a leaver next to a large 17.8 L fuel tank, with low speed being idle for spraying, climbing hills or towing.

Equipped with a large front nudge bar, front and rear racks, good ground clearance, front and rear disc brakes and a large comfortable seat the Crossland 4x4 is a willing worker that will go places that other workers won’t go.